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Best Patio Covers in Calgary

Welcome to our Website!

Welcome to Calgary Patio Works. We are a Calgary based company specializing in providing excellent customer satisfaction and services to enhance your home. Feel free to browse our website and check out some of the work we have completed.

We understand and value the importance of your home, therefore we strive to provide you with the best quality and skills to make the outlook of your home beautiful and create a comfortable living space.

Choose from our variety of offered services and turn the picture of a dream home into reality.

Our services include:

    » Patio Covers (Black and White)
    » Screen rooms
    » Sunrooms
    » Glass top roofs
    » Aluminum welded railings
    » Aluminum fences gates
    » Vinyl decking
Shopping for the lowest price in most cases can lead to problems. If you want a quality product, a quality installation and a comprehensive warranty by a company that will be here when you need them you have to pay a fair price, not necessarily the highest price but a reasonable price.
benefits of patio covers

Patio covers have benefits on your home that most people wouldn't realize. Patio covers can help to create cool breeze patterns that you can let into your home to save on your energy costs in the summer. The cover helps to block the sun from hitting the side of your house, since the cover works to reflect it. This also keeps your home cooler and bills lower. Over warmth causes your home to heat up. Trying to combat it with A/C, ceiling fans, and other items does not subside the strong heat on your house. Sleep becomes difficult at night and you are uncomfortable throughout the day.

Patio covers help keep the sun's rays off of your home by providing a shield. The shady air caused by the cover can be let into your home through a nearby window or door. This air works to keep you comfortable and cool your home from the hotter temperatures affecting it. The bigger your patio cover is, the more magnificent this effect becomes on your home from the extra breeze being produced.

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